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Are you a has-bean??!!
It’s not too late to be popular again…just get reacquainted with lima, great northern, navy, pinto, black, garbanzo, kidney and all the others. Try eating 3 cups of beans a week to receive the proclaimed health benefits.  Beans are considered a possible deterrent to risks of heart disease and certain types of cancer.
As one of the healthiest food…high in protein, virtually no fat, and more fiber than whole grain foods…be creative with beans in your cooking.

first things first...experiment with hummus

Try this quick and tasty hummus recipe sent to us by a couple of thirty-somethings…after a long day at work, it’s easy to whip up and very healthy, too! 

2 cans of garbanzo beans, 3 T of jalapeno pepper slices or 1 fresh Serrano or jalapeno, 1 t garlic powder, ½ t salt, 1 t freshly ground pepper, ½ t onion powder (optional-add 3 T Tahini (a paste made from sesame seeds) and 1 T olive oil to make it extra fancy and fattening…hehe!) …all into the processor…serve with carrots, cauliflower, or whatever veggies you have.


Try serving beans in a shallow bowl, possibly a large terra cotta bowl…to show off this colorful dish. Always use your own judgment on baking time…when a recipe is doubled or tripled, it obviously takes longer

“the best” bean recipes
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mary wine's Variety Beans

4 slices uncooked bacon and medium onion chopped
Mix with: 1 can kidney, butter and garbanzo beans, drained
Add: ¼ lb grated sharp cheddar, ½ c ketchup, ½ c brown sugar, 2 t Worcestershire sauce
Combine and bake at 350 for about an hour.
Sprinkle with parmesan cheese and return to the oven for a few minutes. 

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Barn Party Beans

8 slices bacon, fried
3-4 onions, cut in rings
1 ½ c brown sugar
½ t garlic powder
1 t salt
½ c cider vinegar
2 cans butter beans
1 -1 lb can green limas
1- 1 lb can dark red kidney beans, drained
1-1 lb, 11oz can New England baked beans

Add onions to bacon grease and cook until tender. Combine with beans and bake at 350 for 1 hour. Serves 15-18.




send us your "treasured" recipe or your "diva best"