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The Divas' favorite places...


Ideas for great spots to drink and dine...
View our larger google map and click your way to some amazing restaurants and bars.

Our places so far include:
New York City
Ann Arbor
New Orleans
Park City
southeastern United States
southwestern United States
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Dining Divas

Want a fun way to jazz up your week!  Start a club where every other week day you try a “new” restaurant in your area.  Carol and I (and our husbands) do this around the Twin Cities. 
We have eaten at some real gems!
Check out the websites and their restaurants, if you’re ever in the area. 

Dinner at:
La Chaya Bistro www.lachaya.com
Café Ena  www.cafeena.com
Victors 1959 Café  www.victors1959cafe.com
Northeast Social Club www.northeastsocial.com
Bar La Grassa  www.barlagrassa.com
Grand Café  www.grandcafempls.com
Café Maude www.cafemaude.com
Obento-Ya  www.obento-ya.com
Piccolo  www.piccolompls.com
Bagu Sushi & Thai www.bagusushi.com
Haute Dish www.haute-dish.com