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2010 is the year of the Tiger



February 14, 2010

Tiger people are sensitive, deep thinkers and capable of great sympathy.

The Tiger is a natural born leader and symbolizes power, passion and daring.

This menu will make Valentine’s Day very special!

whole food markets wines

Sustainable White
Described as crisp with melon citrus flavors, a dry finish and medium acidity.
Chicken or seafood. They also recommend their Grafton Classic Reserve Cheddar.

Brut Cava

Organically grown with the flavors of apple, spice and licorice. Pairs nicely with heavier entrees, and stands up to spices. Pair with brie or goat’s cheese.

Block No. 45
Pinot Noir
The experts describe this full bodied wine as oaky vanilla, dried cherry, and a splash of peppery spice. Works with mild fowl and salmon. Try it with creamy Amadeus from Austria.

Spanish red that is full bodied and rich. Great dinner wine with beef or red sauces.
Pairs wonderfully with the classic stilton or a blue cheese.

Lodi Cabernet Sauvignon
Great description of “easy drinking, silky food wine”. Dark fruit and cedar, pairs well with beef, roasts, Stilton, blue, or brie cheese.

Mount Rey Central Coast Chardonnay
One their specialists’ tasting favorite. Tropical fruit and green apple, goes well with creamy foods (risotto, creamy cheeses, seafood dishes).


“Wine a Little, Laugh a Lot”
no wine is watching
The expert wine buyers at Wholefoods have made a list of their favorite reds, whites, and bubbly. Their list is quality and value balanced, and they also included food pairings which is appreciated.